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@SkinnyPigNYC Highlights our Dips!

"These assorted dips with za’atar bread from @tenhopebk were so good! Clockwise from top: “broccoflower” (broccoli + cauliflower) with lemon and anchovy, beets with labne, tahini hummus, and whipped feta with pistachios. Swipe through for the rest and make sure you check the video at the end where I tried to break the pumpkin seed brittle with a mallet and wound up hitting the people next to us with brittle debris. LOL OOPS. Can’t take me anywhere. More about it on the blog, link in bio. Don’t sleep on the crispy lamb ribs either 🤤🙌🏼🤣🐷"

Thanks to @SkinnyPigNYC

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