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@revciancio Takes a Hammer to Our Pumpkin Seed Brittle...

@revciancio: HOLD THE PHONE. Pumpkin seed brittle is a thing and you need it IMMEDIATELY! There’s a new player in the restaurant and bar game and you need to go there. The fellas in @steakclub7 have found a spot you want to know about.

Check out @tenhopebk near the Bedford stop in Williamsburg. It’s equal parts kitchen, bar and garden.

The menu is succinct but with a number of innovative dishes that border on a combination of new American and Mediterranean.

This is a 🥩🥩🥩 Grilled Creekstone Prime Hanger Steak  with Salsa Verde & Charred Broccolini, served with a craft beer.

2. My fave: 🍔🍔🍔 Ten Hope Kofta Burger with Kasseri Cheese, Crispy Potatoes & Tzatziki Sauce.

This is not your average Burger. It’s fresh, juicy and filled with great Mediterranean flavors.

3. “Cracked Brittle” - Pumpkin Seed Brittle, complete with hammers 🔨! This is amazing. You’ll be surprised at how much you love it.

And best part, it comes with every dinner. It’s included with your meal ... and you’re gonna wish you could buy more to take home and share or eat all by yourself later.

4. Cocktails 🍹🍸 - just looking for a spot to relax and enjoy a drink with pals? Here ya go, they have some tasty ones at Ten Hope and always working on new tasty concoctions.

Front: Half Royal  with Noble Oak Bourbon, Ginger, Blood Orange, Punt E Mes.

Back: Comfortably Numb  with Flor De Cana Rum, Ancho Verde, Coco Lopez, Thai Basil & Black Pepper Puree.

Background: 🎸🤟🇮🇪 one of the greatest gifts Ireland has ever given to the world.

5. Chicken Cooked Under A Brick  with Pluots, Charred Cabbage, Hazelnuts & Spicy Green Garlic Sauce.

And when the weather is warm enough, they have an outdoor garden where you can enjoy all of this.

Save this post. Make a reservation. Share a picture of the pumpkin seed brittle on social media. Enjoy.

#SteakClub7 #BrooklynEats

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